HelioZon® - Our new Therapy!

UV light for your blood

We are proud to present you the most recent optimization of our tried-and-tested SanaZon® therapy.
In conjunction with your customised individual SanaZon® therapy, we now offer you the additional option of blood irradiation by ultraviolet (UV) light.
The procedure has been tested by practical application for more than 50 years already. It aims at improving the oxygen/ozone uptake of the cells and at enhancing the SanaZon® therapy.
UV irradiation of the blood aims at boosting the build-up of an intact immune system, stimulate the metabolism and prevent blood circulation problems.

The blood is supposed to find its natural path.

The so-called UVB and HOT procedure also intends to prevent diseases and enhance long-term well-being. Our patients have a better quality of life when enjoying good physical and mental health.

A completely biological therapy.

UV light is used:
•             to improve the oxygen uptake of the cells
•             to boost the immune system
•             for wound healing (internal/external)
•             to stimulate the metabolism
•             to treat migraines, acute hearing loss
•             diabetes
•             skin conditions
•             vascular diseases and occlusions
•             various hepatic diseases
•             rheumatism/arthrosis,
•             concentration and memory disorders
•             and many more...

Ask your treating natural health practitioner of one of our practices about using the HelioZon® together with your therapy.